The many Ways you can help support the vision!

Every man or woman has a certain level of faith some more than others. I have a reputation for what some would say crazy faith, but never did I think we would own a gun range. Opportunity most time never announces it’s self (It Just Knocks) Having a daily conversation with God my Father meaning I don’t have to look up to call Him. He’s already within me. I’m rich in Faith!  I am asking all who can see our endeavors as purpose lead to support our endeavors whatever way you can. I have a link on this page. How ever you choose to contribute. It will be appreciated, and used for the purpose to  enhance  positivity and enlightenment for those that seek to learn and do greater things. Even if you don’t have monetary gifts to give. Share, like and subscribe to our social media. Thank you so much! Remember God Is Great!

I Support The Vision